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A customized equity/diversity/inclusion/consumer racial profiling session focused on addressing key aspects of consumer racial profiling that emerge for businesses and their employees, both on the customer side and in the workplace. Drawing on current academic and community-based research on equity, diversity, inclusion, and consumer racial profiling the facilitator and participants share insights into ways employees and business owners can strengthen their customer engagement,
customer care, their diversity and inclusion (D & I), and reduce/prevent consumer racial profiling.


  • To share knowledge about current and emerging thought leadership on equity, diversity, inclusion and consumer racial profiling with participants as it relates to their industry or sector;
  • To encourage participants to reflect on their current practices;
  • To develop strategies; and
    To discuss challenging or difficult issues related to this topic.


  • Participants will be able to integrate general equity, diversity, inclusion and anti-consume racial profiling knowledge into their practice;
  • Begin to reflect on these issues as part of their customer engagement and care practices; and
  • Strengthen their understanding of their customers needs.

Delivery Format (options):

On-site, off-site and online using web-conferencing

Time Slots (option):
45 minute Lunch & Knowledge Share
60 minute Presentation & Counter-Side Chat
90 minute Hands on Session

These sessions are designed to be cost effective for small businesses and entrepreneurs. The expectation is for clients to use a fair and transparent process to determine their budget, number of participants, location, and number of sessions required. Please note that travel and materials are additional expenses.

Facilitator Bio:
Tomee Elizabeth Sojourner has over 20 years experience designing and facilitating group sessions on equity, diversity, inclusion, and other related topics. Currently, she completing an LLM (Master of Laws)  in the general law program at Osgoode Hall Law School, York University. She also has an M.A. in Social Justice and Equity Studies (Brock University), a B.A. (Hon) in Interdisciplinary Studies (Carleton University), and alternative dispute resolution training.
Tomee has professional knowledge and practical expertise in retail, private security, and hospitality. Prior to her present career, Tomee has worked as a retail employee, a banquet server, and a private security guard working at tech companies, malls, concerts and banks.
Tomee facilitates sessions using reasoned, creative approaches to move discussions and actions forward. She also uses an intersectional interdisciplinary perspective.

Call: (647) 997-8352


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