Support Prevent CRP

Your generous financial support of Prevent CRP’s research, training, and public education initiatives will provide:IMG_5959

  • Opportunities for individuals who have experienced CRP to attend ‘Understanding Your Legal Rights when Dealing with CRP.’  This 70 minute interdisciplinary legal and consumer rights information session offers participants an overview of their legal rights within their jurisdiction, and they are provided with resources.
  • Community and business dialogues that will take place in different jurisdictions and geographical regions whimages-301en facilitated resolution sessions are requested. One key function of these sessions is to move participants toward healing or restoring their relationships.
  • Community-based CRP awareness raising workshops for multigenerational audiences.

Security Guard Tools image

  • Security guards, frontline employees, and other loss prevention employees who are interested in accessing professional development, knowledge, and interpersonal skills outside of their workplaces. The purpose of this initiative is to provide security guards and frontline employees academic, and practical training sessions to improve how they interactions with diverse consumers/customers while doing their security or loss prevention work. These sessions will be provided at an affordable fee for security professionals who are either underemployed or students.

Please send an e-money transfer to with the relevant information, and your suggestions on which Prevent CRP initiative you would like to support.