Prevent CRP Service-Consumer Racial Profiling (CRP) Audit™

Consumer Racial Profiling (CRP) Audit™

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A CRP audit™ is a confidential systematic evaluation of a business or consumer service providers customer/client engagement on-site practices, customer service and loss prevention protocols, policies, and employee training.

Businesses and other consumer service providers work with Prevent CRP’s Consumer Racial Profiling Audit to determine if they are in compliance with the human rights provisions, statutes, and regulations that govern their operations, including their employees, and security personnel in the jurisdictions where their businesses or organizations operate.

The CRP Audit™ evaluation process is designed for consumer service providers who are ready to assess the ways they provide consumer services to diverse customers/clients. Working in a participatory consultation style, Prevent CRP engages our clients with a sense of openness, optimism, clipboard-1067035__180integrity, healing, and a strong commitment to strengthening consumer/business or service providers relationships.