Prevent CRP Service-Consumer & Consumer Service Provider Dialogues™

Consumer & Consumer Service Provider Dialogues™:

At Prevent CRP part of our vision is to offer Consumer & Consumer Service Providers Dialogues™ to resolve existing tensions, and heal relationships between diverse consumers, consumer service providers, and their employees.


  • images-301This is a facilitated dialogue where consumers/clients/customers who have experienced or alleged consumer racial profiling and the consumer service providers involved in the complaint attend an initial session with the possibility of follow-up sessions.
  • Topics covered: group conflict resolution, intent vs impact, remedies, and possibilities.
  • Duration: Determined in advance by the parties
  • Cost: Fees for dialogue are discussed with Prevent CRP Director and representatives from the parties involved.

Please note: Consumer & Consumer Service Providers Dialogues™ are offered to participants who volunteer to take part in the dialogue. The issue of power imbalance, possible retaliation, and other strategies that may harm, or have further negative impact will lead to the dialogue being stopped at any time. Parties are free to leave the process at anytime and they are expected to hold the information shared in the session in confidence.