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Prevent CRP (Consumer Racial Profiling) is a Toronto-based organization mandated to address and prevent consumer racial profiling in consumer service settings by providing public education, research, and advocacy. Our work is national and international.

At Prevent CRP, we recognize the value of addressing allegations of CRP directly in order to demonstrate to consumers that their time, energy, and economic investment in a business and/or organization is valued by individual establishments, the economy, and by society.

As part of Prevent CRP’s focus, we work on healing relationships between consumers, businesses/consumer service providers, and their staff.  We believe that efforts to explore possible opportunities to restore trust among parties is an important element in addressing consumer racial profiling. To do this, we work with consumers and consumer service providers to look for solutions that respect all parties. The purpose of healing these relationships is to enable consumers to access goods in welcoming environments, and consumer service providers in public and private sectors to strengthen their corporate commitment to diversity and inclusion.

Over the last year, Prevent CRP has expanded its reach and interest. Currently, we offer resources to racialized and Indigenous consumers who have experienced consumer racial profiling. We also offer professional consulting and training services to retail businesses and other organizations to assist them in their work to address complaints and to put in place prevention protocols.

We are committed to working with community members, businesses, legal practitioners and other interested parties to develop solutions to consumer racial profiling.


  • Provide consumers with information about their rights as it relates to dealing with consumer racial profiling in retail and consumer service settings.
  • Provide individuals and community groups with timely facts and information about legislation that applies to consumer racial profiling in the retail sector, and in other consumer service areas. Depending on the jurisdiction and geographical location, the information provided may include potential options for remedies.
  • Provide community and business dialogue sessions to restore trust, address tensions and conflicts that arise when allegations of CRP are brought forward in the media, in community settings, and privately in customer complaints.
  • Provide clients with timely research, educational tools, policies, and advice on ways to address and prevent consumer racial profiling in consumer services.
  • Collaborate with businesses (e.g. retail, hospitality, food and beverage, sports/entertainment venus), their employees, and security guards interested in proactively addressing potential sources of consumer racial profiling in their policies, procedures, loss prevention protocols, and practices.
  • Provide educational modules, and resources to businesses, their staff, security guards and other stakeholders about CRP, including data collection, CRP audits, assessments, training, and alternative dispute resolution.
  • Provide confidential advisory and investigative services, including ‘mystery shopping’ to retail businesses and other consumer service providers when they conduct in-house investigations to address consumer racial profiling, discrimination and/or harassment complaints.


April, 2016- Tomee Sojourner, Founder of Prevent CRP presentation at UCLA Centre for the Study of Women 26th Annual Thinking Gender Conference:

Prevent CRP is excited to work with consumers, retail businesses & other consumer service providers who proactively embrace consumer diversity & take steps to remove potential barriers for consumers.” Tomee Sojourner, Founder & Director, Prevent CRP

Disclaimer: The information and resources provided by Prevent CRP are for information purposes only and not legal advice.

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